Nokia Lumia 635 Back to School Display

  • Capture consumer attention.
  • Successfully launch a new phone model.
  • Deliver an effective sales tool for the retailer.
  • Provide the ability to function as a freestanding display or end cap unit.

  • Large phone replica contains space to securely merchandise product.
  • Peg wall backer supports locking hooks to secure product.
  • Spinning cubes advertise T-Mobile rate plans.
  • 20 Business days to print, mount, die-cut, kit pack, and drop ship to 1800 stores.

  • Phone replica shipped fully assembled with spinning cubes and hooks nested inside.
  • Store associates completed remaining assembly in 15 minutes or less.
  • Generated awareness for the new Nokia Lumia 635.
  • 16-Week placement as both an end cap and freestanding unit.