Laundry Care National Rollout

InnoMark’s solution fit within store parameters and made it easy to shop and stock. Product is easily visible from both sides of the fixture and it promotes regiment purchases.
Tonya Balzer
P&G Marketing Manager
Objective: In order to increase distribution of its fabric care brands, P&G defined several strategic objectives that any solution would be required to address. The solution had to improve shop-ability, reduce labor for stocking, and demonstrate a shopper-based design that organized related products in the same aisle and provided way finders to enhance selection.

Solution: InnoMark introduced an innovative, gravity-fed category management system that delivered a total solution to P&G. It featured shelves that were stair-stepped back at a 10-degree angle with special ribbed plastic material so the product would slide down slowly and reface itself after a customer selected an item. A green shelf strip displayed lifestyle laundry graphics and bubble graphics marked the laundry care area of the store for customers. The category management program simplified the shopper experience by categorizing the laundry care products. Liquid detergents, HE detergents, fabric softeners, powders and accessories were easy to find and access. The gravity-fed system kept product front facing, decreased labor for re-stocking and enabled Menards to keep less inventory by eliminating the need to place boxes of product on the floor.

Results: The program produced immediate results with dramatic increases in the sales of laundry care products and at least a 10 percent decrease in labor for stocking. The point-of-sale index rose 140 percent for all laundry care items over the same January-March period the year before. Laundry additives increased by 500 percent over the same period.

Services: Design concepts, engineering, manufacturing, installation

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