Lightning McQueen

Objective: Spirit Halloween aspired to drive traffic to its children’s department and add a family-friendly element to its shopping experience. They challenged InnoMark to create an in-store photo attraction based on Disney Cars 2, a key license brand. They envisioned a display that was affordable, easy to set up, and realistic in size and shape.

Solution: The solution was a temporary display featuring Lightning McQueen, the star of Disney Cars 2. The client envisioned a temporary display that was visually appealing, cost conscious, and easy to assemble.

InnoMark captured the essence of Lightning McQueen through a combination of structural design and print. It was important to avoid the “boxy” look that had become associated with many Cars 2 displays in the marketplace. Our designers used a variety of temporary materials, including SBS, Fome-cor, and corrugated board to create a realistic structure. All graphics were produced in-house to ensure vibrant color and timely delivery.

In addition to visual appeal, budget was also a concern for the client. We managed costs by combining a three dimensional structure with a printed backdrop. The front of Lightning McQueen was designed as a multidimensional piece to create excitement and attract attention, while the back was printed as a flat piece to achieve cost savings.

Finally, it was important that Lightning McQueen be easy for seasonal employees to assemble. Each kit included a detailed instruction sheet with step-by-step assembly photos. All kit components were clearly labeled for easy reference.

The final product was an affordable, multidimensional display that delivered the necessary “WOW” factor and doubled as an in-store photo attraction.

Results: The Lightning McQueen display added a family-friendly element to the Spirit Halloween in-store experience. It was also effective in driving traffic and sales for the children’s costume department.

Lightning McQueen was also a popular topic of in-store conversation. Many parents inquired about purchasing the display for decoration in their children’s bedrooms.

Services: Creative and structural design, large format print, fabrication, fulfillment, distribution

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