Pet Care Vet & Breeder Kit

Working with one vendor has made a huge difference to our brand and to our kits. InnoMark allows us to focus on our goals and not worry about managing the aspects of the program.
Jolinda Lydon
P&G Marketing Specialist
Background: P&G’s kit program leverages the influence breeders and veterinarians have with pet owners to promote P&G brand pet foods (Iams and Eukanuba). The kits, which are distributed to pet owners by vets and breeders, provide information on pet training, veterinary care, and nutrition. P&G originally ran the program through multiple vendors, each of which handled different functions such as design, printing and fulfillment.

Objective: The program’s success hinges on the willingness of breeders and vets to distribute the kits. Initial results were lackluster due to low distribution. In addition, the kits needed more perceived value and durability to motivate pet owners to retain them. P&G required a solution to add value and structural integrity to the packaging without increasing the budget.

Solution: We introduced variable data printing to personalize each kit with the vet or breeder’s logo and contact information. Adding this marketing opportunity motivated vets and breeders to distribute kits. The puppy kits contained a small booklet on caring for the dog, a high value coupon for Iams or Eukanuba pet food, a toy, and a puppy training CD. A 2D bar code on the outside of the kit directs the consumer to an informative P&G website through use of a smart phone. Branded graphics, storage casing, a handle, and an offer window gave the kits a premium look. The project gained efficiency because InnoMark handled everything from design through shipping and inventory management. Innomark’s OptiFlex™ printing solution added value through inline backside printing and die cutting while decreasing costs and providing more flexibility in order quantities.

Results: Orders spiked immediately after the personalized kits were introduced. The vet clinics and breeders appreciate the loyalty benefit of providing pet owners with a kit that has their logo and phone number on the outside. The program has since grown to include specialty pet shops.

Services: Structural design, printing, fabrication, fulfillment, inventory management

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