Zombie Wasteland – POPAI 2012 Temporary Display of the Year

Objective: Spirit Halloween, a seasonal pop-up retailer, engaged InnoMark to create a fully immersive display that would demonstrate and merchandise its zombie animatronics. They envisioned an “underground” zombie dwelling complete with theatrical effects that would deliver a unique, entertaining, and memorable shopping experience. As a pop-up retailer, they required a solution that was easy to assemble, cost conscious, and durable enough to withstand heavy seasonal traffic.

Solution: The solution was Zombie Wasteland, a fully interactive zombie scene complete with a glowing sewer waterfall, “exploding” steam pipes, rusty barrels, and an assortment of zombie animatronics. Graphics featuring slime, rust, and cautionary messages complete the environment, while “Try Me” buttons and “Step Here” pads bring the animatronics to life.

We designed each element to maximize theatrical effect and minimize in-store maintenance. The sewer waterfall, which features real water, was designed to stimulate interest without spilling or creating problems at the store level. Similarly, a quick dissipating fog solution gives the steam pipes an “exploding” effect without over fogging stores or disrupting the shopping experience.

Zombie Wasteland’s modular design accommodated all 800+ Spirit Halloween temporary locations. In addition, it was easy for seasonal employees to assemble and maintain.

Results: Product sell through for Zombie Wasteland was a huge success. In addition, its special effects were a major topic of conversation among consumers in-store, as well as online (fan sites, forums, Facebook, message boards, etc.).

Zombie Wasteland effectively reaffirms the Spirit Halloween brand message, “It’s so much fun, it’s scary.” It differentiates the brand and shows guests that Spirit will continue raise the bar and provide an in-store experience that is unique, entertaining, and unmatched by its competitors.

Zombie Wasteland was awarded the prestigious honor of 2012 Temporary Display of the year. It was also awarded OMA Gold honors for the Specialty retailer category.

Services: Creative and structural design, large format print, fabrication, fulfillment, distribution

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